Nidhi Ghevaria

Registered Physiotherapist

Nidhi completed her Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Sumandeep University in Gujarat, India, in the year 2015. Subsequently, she accrued two years of valuable experience as a physiotherapist across a diverse range of clinical settings, including orthopedic hospitals, gyms, and providing home health physiotherapy for orthopedic and neurological conditions. In pursuit of further professional development, Nidhi made the decision to relocate to Canada in September 2017. In Canada, she enrolled in the Health, Wellness, and Fitness diploma program at Mohawk College in Hamilton. During her time in Canada, Nidhi has gained extensive experience in various healthcare environments, including private clinics, long-term care facilities, and government-funded programs, with a specialization in WSIB specialty programs for hand therapy, both pre and post-surgical.

Nidhi’s expertise extends to working with patients who have undergone surgeries such as rotator cuff repairs, joint replacements, and treatment of ligament and muscle tears. Her approach to rehabilitation involves a well-rounded methodology that combines hands-on manual therapy, tailored exercise programs, pelvic floor physiotherapy, and the utilization of different modalities, including shockwave therapy and ultrasound. Nidhi’s overarching goal is to guide her patients towards regaining their pre-injury levels of activity and improving their overall well-being.